How to make a purchase

We make the purchase process for your order super simple:

The process for placing an order on our online store is as follows. It begins with access to the product catalogue, where the user has the opportunity to see different photos of each item. Both product and model photos. As well as the price of each of the items.
The second step, once the item has been chosen, is to select the appropriate size. A “size guide” is available. Select the number of units and add it to the shopping cart.
Once the shopping cart is filled and processed, the order is purchased and paid. A debit or credit card can be used.

If you pay by bank transfer

The user must send us their order (Selection of articles and corresponding sizes). By email to the address .After this, the bank account number corresponding to Iló-Liló is provided along with the concept to be indicated in the transfer when it is made . This is in order to make the transfer easy to identify once it has been sent. Once the corresponding transfer is received, the order will be processed.
Once the order has been processed and paid, the user will receive an email with the details of the order and the receipt of the order will remain visible.

For help with any queries, clarifications or problems that may arise while placing an order, we are here to help you if you reach out to the following contacts:

  • By email to;
  • By calling +34 600 627 569;
  • By message to Instagram en @ilolilomodainfantil.

All orders are subject to availability.

In case of difficulty related to supply or availability of your garment, Iló-lilo will refund any previously charged amount for the item.

The prices included on the website will always be stated in Euros (€) and include VAT in the final amount.

However ,they exclude shipping costs, which will be added to the total amount owed for the purchase of the product. The costs of national and European shipments include VAT costs.

Iló-Lilo reserves the right to modify prices at any time, although these changes will not affect orders already confirmed.

For orders to international destinations outside of the European Union:

Customs expenses, taxes and any other fee incurred will be paid by the buyer.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or through our payment Gateway system using your credit or debit card.

Regarding payment verification:

Iló-Liló guarantees that it uses secure payment systems from top-level financial institutions in electronic commerce. As a complementary measure and to cooperate in the prevention of fraud through electronic channels: Iló-Liló reserves the right to verify your data and adopt the means it deems appropriate (including the cancellation of the order. So that the product is delivered in accordance with the details that you provide in your order and fully complies.

Credit cards will be subject to checks and authorisations by their issuing entity, but if said entity does not authorise payment. Iló-Liló will not be able to formalise the contract with the user, exempting itself, in this case, from liability in terms of delay or lack of delivery.

The Virtual POS, by its own nature, is subject to rules that derive from its participation in international payment systems. As well as its management by the Entity that provides the service to Iló-Liló. Sabadell Bank is the said institution. We highlight and place special emphasis on the following rules:

The merchant will proceed to the immediate cancellation of the card operations when there has been an undue charge, or the process of sale and delivery of the merchandise has not fully materialized.

The merchant will not store the card data in any way in its facility, except as necessary for its operation, in which case it will be subject to the PCI / DSS security program of Visa and MasterCard. Even in this case it is strictly forbidden to save the CVV2 code under any circumstances.

The Virtual POS associated with the Iló-Liló website has been configured by Banco Sabadell with a series of security measures in order to reduce the risk of sales being made with fraudulent cards. Cards stolen, copied or used without the consent of the legitimate owner. These include , Velociy checks, CVV2 Verification, Secure Purchase Protocol (CES) and other additional security measures put in place.

Delivery time for addresses in Spain is between 48/72 horas

The delivery time for orders destined for Seville is a period of 48 hours from when the order is confirmed with the payment thereof. In payments via transfer, the order will not be formalised until receipt of the same. For the rest of the provinces of the peninsula it will be 48/72 hours. For orders to the Spanish islands (Balearic and Canary Islands) and outside of Spain, it will depend on the specific destination, so please check the delivery times for your destination.

Iló-Liló will be able to establish collection points for your orders in the city of Seville, facilitating and reducing these delivery times, as well as the expenses detailed below.

The delivery times provided at any time by Iló-Liló will always be informative and indicative, not being binding on Iló-Liló. The delivery of your order will be made to the address indicated in the order you have placed.

Express shipping (24 hrs)

Iló-Liló also brings you the option of getting your order delivered in 24 hours using the express delivery option.

Iló-Liló will not be held responsible for any delay or lack of fulfilment caused by force majeure events.

Force majeure is deemed as any act, event, failure or accident which falls outside of our reasonable control and, in any event, during a period of 30 days from confirmation of your order.

Iló-Liló will not be held responsible for the actions of couriers contracted to carry out deliveries of its products. In the case that a courier doesn’t successfully complete a delivery, for reasons attributed to the customer, Iló-Liló reserve the right to charge or retain the given sum of funds necessary to cover damages or loss suffered as a result of the inability to deliver the goods in question.

It is in Iló-Liló’s utmost interest to ensure your full satisfaction with the service it provides. It’s for this reason that we strive to take the most thorough steps possible to follow up and comply with the obligations and commitments made to you.

Shipping costs will be clearly stated upon placing your order and depend on weight, volume and shipping destination. As an example, the shipping costs for a standard sized package inside the Iberian Peninsula (Spain & Portugal mainland) would cost a total of 4.50€.

Shipping costs are waived on orders of 100 € or more and your order will be shipped for free.

Timely return of an order

Your order may be returned, without the need for any justification, within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. Contacting us via email at the address: or through IG, indicating your full name, telephone number, and the item (s) you wish to return. The expenses originated by cancellation or return of orders (roundtrip postage, etc.) will be borne by the customer. If your original order had benefited from free shipping costs and after the return the amount no longer met the minimum of 100 euros, the amount of shipping costs will be compensated with the amount to be returned.

The garments must be in perfect condition, with their original label and the corresponding proof of purchase. Otherwise, Iló-Liló reserves the right to reject the exchange or return.

Size or garment change

Change of size will be managed as a return, within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. Contacting us via email at the address: or through IG, indicating your full name, telephone number, and the item / s you wish to change. You can send us the garment that is subject to change, we will pay you for it and you can place a new order for the size or garment you want to receive.

We offer a home delivery service and the collection of the new garment is also offered. If you want to opt for this, let us know when you contact us. This procedure costs 9 euros payable upon delivery / collection.

The garments must be in perfect condition, with their original label and the corresponding proof of purchase. Otherwise, Iló-Liló reserves the right to reject the exchange or return.

Returns for items purchased at outlets

The economic return will not be made on OUTLET garments, where appropriate, a voucher will be made for the same amount of said garment / s that will have a maximum validity of 90 calendar days and cannot be exchanged during sales periods or other promotions.

In the event that an item has a manufacturing fault, you must immediately inform Iló-Liló, sending an email to Customer Service ( ) so that we can resolve the incident in the shortest time possible.

If there is a manufacturing defect, the transport costs caused for the exchange or return are assumed by Iló-Liló. The cost of any other means of delivery other than the courier sent by Iló-Liló will be borne by the consumer.

In both cases, the item to be returned will be collected by a courier that we will send to your home address. It will be sent within a maximum period of 7 calendar days from the date you notify us of your decision. You must deliver the merchandise in the same package that you received it.

The buyer will be responsible for the decrease in value of the goods resulting from manipulation other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods.

Once we receive the returned item

The article in question will be examined carefully, communicating via email if the refund or replacement of the article is appropriate, if applicable, in the shortest possible time. The term to proceed with the refund or replacement, if applicable, of the product, will be within 7 days from the date on which we send the email confirming that the refund or replacement of the item is appropriate.

Returns will be made using the same means of payment used by the buyer, without the refund generating any additional cost.

In any case, the rights recognised by current legislation on the matter are safeguarded for all parties .

In any case, for this guarantee to be effective, it is vital to keep the proof of purchase document. This will be provided by Iló-Liló by email at the time of purchase and placing your order.