To make a gift through our online shop, you have to follow the same steps as for a conventional order, filling in the corresponding section in the form that appears on the checkout page. You just needto fill in the field “Send as a gift” with the text you want to include in the dedication or message. You must also check the box “Send to a different address”, where you will have to indicate the name of the person who will receive your gift and the delivery address. We will take care of the special gift packaging.
Please note.-
If the gift is to be sent to a hospital, the name of the recipient, the name and address of the hospital, the room number and the recipient’s telephone number must be included in addition to the name of the recipient. Virtual gift cards can also be purchased and will be sent by e-mail to the indicated address at the selected date and time. The cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and cannot be exchanged for cash.